Integrated designer (B.A.) and developer from Germany commuting between Cologne and Stuttgart, with a strong focus on interactions, systems, and humans. Currently available for freelance projects.

Surprise: that’s me. Photo by Justus Pünnel, 2020.


Born in Kassel 1994, grew up near Stuttgart, working and studying in Cologne.

My early career started back in school by designing the school’s newspaper and coding my own content management system, which was used in production over ten years. I do not really like working in front of a screen for a living—though I love my job—that's amongst others why I started studying Integrated Design at KISD. After four five six years of studying my average daily screen time did not increase that much, but after all, I can live with that now. Though I am always happy to have some time without any screens nearby.

I like to explore new things, but when it’s about food and movies I usually prefer the things I know. Sometimes I play some random campfire songs on the guitar. I love sports, but tend to watch more than actually doing it myself, if nobody is forcing me to do otherwise.

I’m a fan of good drinks—coffee, juice or beer is totally fine—, dogs, Werder Bremen and Dieter Rams. Oh, and my last name is pronounced with a short first syllable.

work experience

  • TAKEPART Media + Science, Cologne
    03/2021 – present
    Web developer

  • Freelancer for design and development

    04/2013 – present

    mostly digital projects for and with several clients and agencies

  • HPZ Scharnhausen, Ostfildern

    01/2012 – present

    Management and design consultant

    responsible for public relations and IT

    consulting in the areas of services and corporate structure and development

  • BRPL studio für gestaltung, Brücken Plöns GbR, Cologne

    01/2016 – 12/2019

    Co-founder, designer and developer

  • VOLTGEAR UG (haftungsbeschränkt), Cologne

    08/2014 – 01/2016

    Co-founder and CEO

    responsible for design and development of e-commerce store and website, financial planning and logistics

  • Zet B Werbung, Stuttgart

    10/2012 – 03/2013

    Intern Graphic & Frontend

    various print and web projects for small and mid-sized clients


  • Master of Arts in Integrated Design

    03/2020 –08/2020

    Köln International School of Design, Technische Hochschule Köln

  • Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Design (1,1)

    09/2013 – 07/2019

    Köln International School of Design, Technische Hochschule Köln

  • High School Degree (Abitur)

    09/2005 – 07/2012

    Hölderlin Gymnasium Nürtingen

  • Life
    1994 – present

social commitment

  • Watt En Schlick Fest, Dangast
    08/2018 – present
    volunteering two weeks a year setting up the best cultural festival in the world

  • Hippotherapienetz e.V., Ostfildern

    04/2016 – present

    Secretary and member of board

    responsible for public relations, IT and event organisation

awards & exhibitions

projects done with and for

  • Andreas Keller Fotografie

  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

  • Boskamp Group

  • BW Bau

  • C/O Lauscher

  • DEQUE Hesselmeier & Sawitzki

  • Engel Natur & Engel Sports

  • ELWEMA Automotive

  • HPZ Scharnhausen

  • Just Essentials

  • Putzmeister Holding

  • Rohwedder Macro Assembly

  • Ruhrfestspiele Recklinghausen

  • Studio Balzer Kuwertz

  • Tobias Sawitzki

  • Ute Bastin Mode


  • Wagner EWAR

  • Zet B Werbung

services & process

You can hire me if you need help with any digital (usually web-related) project. I can work with you within the complete scope of a project, or only for a certain stage or two—but if you’d ask me, I’d tell you it’s the best if everyone who is involved in the project is involved from the very beginning on, and that the team constantly iterates over the four stages:

1/ write (strategy)
Together we define your and your customer’s needs, research, write a concept and define the strategy and information architecture for your digital product.

2/ paint (idea)
Based on the strategy, I help coming up with the story you want to tell and layouting your product.

3/ build (infrastructure)
Coding the actual product and develop the hardware architecture needed.

4/ run (product)
Monitoring and analyzing the use of the product is critical for iterating over strategy, idea and infrastructure.

Occasionally I also work on non-digital projects—which is kind of the same process as laid out above—but usually I connect with befriended colleagues therefore, as well if the project’s scope requires it.