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The constant growth and it’s unique structure and combination of services led to an essential problem within the HPZ Scharnhausen: how are we able to organize our customers, employees, assistants, rooms and animals? Planning and managing the therapy center‘s resources—that's what our web-based software Minerva is for.

The HPZ Scharnhausen surely is a unique company. Not only is the therapy center in a very special location—purely in nature in an old castle, but only 10 minutes away from Stuttgart’s borders—it is also one of the only therapy centers of it’s kind, combining both a physiotherapy practice as well as stables and riding arena for hippotherapy on the same property.

Due to the latter and the company’s constant growth, the management quickly realised they need special software for planning, managing and maintaining their resources. One can find sevaral kinds of software for each of the two parts—from large enterprise solutions to sleek apps running on tablets and smartphones only—but nothing where you can give an appointment to your employee on practice right after they came back from the stable.

In 2013, I started developing a web-based software for managing all kinds of appointments around the company, used by their employees all-day long. But we realized that the software would quickly be overloaded, due to fast growth and several changes within the company itself. So in summer 2017, I formed a new team, together with Steffen Brücken, to start all over from scratch; together with the management and the employees at HPZ, we defined their needs and wishes for a new resource planning software: Minerva.

In march 2018, we launched the very first version of our new platform for testing in real-life scenarios, and imported all the old data sets. Therefore we where able to completely move the company’s planning to the new software only one month later, and take the old one offline immediately.

Since the launch, I constantly work on updates regarding performance, the user interface and functionality; one year later, besides the obvious peoples databases for clients, partners and employees, we also have a large calendar application with several kinds of different views to your day, week or month; auto-creating invoices out of the appointments; a bulletin for quick company-wide messages and announcements; a notification center; and several other small tools to ensure a more easy and more fun way of planning resources.