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Building a brand around functional fitness equipment was our core idea when two colleagues and me founded VOLTGEAR back in summer 2014.


We designed, developed, produced and sold functional fitness equipment — Resistance Bands, Blackrolls®, and our own production series, the VOLTGEAR Slides — through our self-developed online store. We worked together with fitness Youtubers like Karl Ess, Sophia Thiel, Mischa Janiec and Patrick Reiser who used and promoted our products in several video series.

Besides the financial tasks the founding of a company comes with, my main responsibility was the design and development of our online store as well as our own e-commerce backend and several other smaller technical tasks. Together with my colleague Steffen Brücken I took also part in the whole process of branding and developing our corporate identity.

After two years in November 2015, Steffen and me decided to concentrate on our design studio Brücken Plöns and left the company.